Apple Certified Engineers of MSPI uses their extensive technical knowledge, to guarantee utmost care. The team can assure speed and efficiency in the field of comprehensive support and repair service.


Certified Apple Engineers can offer full support at the Client’s location and/or Supplier’s site. The team is also ready when you need them the most. They can accommodate Telephone Technical Support for on-the-go clients.


Additional perks include Basic Product Troubleshooting, Warranty Awareness training, On-site fieldwork, and other technical support. For a minimal cost, clients are assured of unparalleled corporate services and solutions.


All maintenance Services offered are secured between Power Mac Center and the client. Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) may be customised to fit the needs of our Corporate clients while staying within Apple Product’s Terms and Conditions.

About Us

Enterprise Solutions Team established in 2012, was first known as “Corporate Service Team” under the Mobilecare Services Philippines, Inc. (MSPI) which serves as field service arm of Power Mac Center, Inc. Specifically, EST caters after-sales technical support to Corporate and Education business clients. The first major solution which the team has provided was Mobile MRI (Mac Resource Inspector) and is used for Field Repair Services.

Among other major solutions provided are Server Deployment, Mobile Device Management, and Field Services and Support (2013). Followed by the development of ESG Ticketing System and ASP Queuing System in 2014. ESG actively participates on every launching of Mac Clinic and Service Caravan on that same year.

By June 2015, SLA (Service Level Agreement) was offered to CBT/EBT clients. SLA signings and more Mac Clinics were organized (2017). Then, the development of SQUID Database System for PMC Admin Department happened in 2018. Also, the launching of the first PodVenture Event for De La Salle College – IT students at Festival ASP.

With further determination in providing solutions, the Enterprise Solutions Team has upgraded the ASP Queuing System, developed new ASP FileMaker Integrated Database (HRYCG Database), and enhanced SLA (Service Level Agreement) in 2019. Through the years, EST has been solution thinker and maker. We believe that we can do more and do better.

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Our Enterprise Solutions Team also offers additional services such as Queueing System, Ticketing System, Asset Management System, Marketing Website and Claris(Filemaker) Custom App Development

Queueing System

VexConQ formerly called as "Queueing System” was developed and serves as a queuing system for Power Mac Center’s service centers. Since its development, we have transitioned from calling clients by using numbers and notifying the backroom workforce into a simple and efficient process of queuing with no time constraints. Similar with this concept, was have developed VexConHR. A queuing system that is automated and with mapping intended for applicants in our PMC Talent Hub.

Ticketing System

A management tool that processes and catalogs the end-user service requests. Tickets, also known as cases or issues, which are needed to be properly stored alongside relevant user information. The ticketing system should be user-friendly for customer/internal service representatives, managers, and administrators. A ticketing system allows end-user support to be organized, focused, efficient, and effective. Ultimately, ticketing systems are means to support and help a company deal with any issues/incidents in an organization, managing the incidents from the moment it captured through to its resolution.

Asset Management System

SquidDb or Simple Query Using Integrated Database is a project intended to manage Power Mac Center’s product inventory and history tracing of employee fixed asset, loan, tracking and product history upon returning to the administration.

Claris(Filemaker) Custom App Development

The world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform makes it easy for anyone to create a custom app. If you have a manual process, automate it with Claris FileMaker Pro. Create apps to manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects, and more. Build an app in just minutes and hours rather than days and weeks.


Quarterly Subscription is a ONE-TIME payment of Php 10,000 / unit for Mac and/or P 6,000 / unit for iOS. Includes quarterly scheduled visits for preventive maintenance. Availment of SLA requires a minimum of 10 units to enroll.

What do we do

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Mac Clinic

Mac Clinic

Mac Clinic

Mac Clinic

Service Level Agreement

Level up your Apple products' protection by getting our premium offer for a minimal cost exclusive for corporate and educational business client. Prices shown computed are per unit, the minimum number of units applicable for enrollment are ten (10).

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  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Telephone Technical Support
  • Software fix
  • Carry-in repair
  • On-site repair
  • Logistics support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why SLA could be important to your business?

    You may be looking for an Apple Authorised Service Provider with Apple Certified Engineers exclusive for your corporate needs. You may have Apple products in need of support and maintenance services. Through Service Level Agreement (SLA), we got you covered. We offer preventive maintenance, basic product troubleshooting, warranty awareness training, and more for a minimal cost.

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is intended for Corporate and Education business clients use. With a minimum of 10 units (Mac/iOS) to enroll, you can avail the SLA.

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) costs Php 2,000 per unit per year for iOS and Php 3,000 per unit per year for Mac. The SLA can be in annual, bi-annual, or quarterly subscription. You can save more by availing quarterly subscription.

  • Kindly send an email request to us at The SLA contract (template) has undergone legal review that guarantees win-win for both vendor and client.

  • You may reach us out via service mobile number, email address, or submit form on this website. You may also request for digital meetings (via zoom/google meet) to talk about your interests.

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